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68 % Nitric Acid

68 % Nitric Acid
68 % Nitric Acid
Product Description

We are betrothed in presenting fine quality Nitric Acid 68 % that is a strong and corrosive chemical. Widely used for production of fertilizers and explosives, this chemical is commercially used for processing aqua-regia. Offered chemical is processed by our adroit professionals by diluting concentrated nitric acid up to 68% using advanced formulation techniques. We are offering this Nitric Acid 68 % to our clients in various quality packaging options at market leading prices.


  • Accurate composition

  • Long shelf life

  • Purity

  • Highly effective


  • Highly corrosive and toxic strong acid.

  • Colorless when pure,

  • Older samples tend to acquire a yellow cast.

If the solution contains more than 86% nitric acid, it is referred to as fuming nitric acid. At concentrations above 95% at room temperature, nitric acid tends to rapidly develop a yellow color due to decomposition. Nitric acid is also commonly used as a strong oxidizing agent.


The main use of nitric acid is for the production of fertilizers; other important uses include the production of explosives, etching and dissolution of metals, especially as a component of aqua regia for the purification and extraction of gold, and in chemical synthesis.

Elemental analysis

In elemental analysis by ICP-MS, ICP-AES, GFAA, and Flame AA, dilute nitric acid (0.5 to 5.0 %) is used as a matrix compound for determining metal traces in solutions. Ultrapure trace metal grade acid is required for such determination, because small amounts of metal ions could affect the result of the analysis.

It is also typically used in the digestion process of turbid water samples, sludge samples, solid samples as well as other types of unique samples which require elemental analysis

Wood working

In a low concentration (approximately 10%), nitric acid is often used to artificially age pine and maple. The color produced is a grey-gold very much like very old wax or oil finished wood (wood finishing).[9]

Other uses

A solution of nitric acid and alcohol, Nital, is used for etching of metals to reveal the microstructure.
Commercially available aqueous blends of 5-30% nitric acid and 15-40% phosphoric acid are commonly used for cleaning food and dairy equipment primarily to remove precipitated calcium and magnesium compounds (either deposited from the process stream or resulting from the use of hard water during production and cleaning).
Alone, it is useful in metallurgy and refining as it reacts with most metals, and in organic syntheses.
A mixture of concentrated nitric and sulphric acids causes the nitration of aromatic compounds, such as benzene. Examination of the infrared spectrum of the acid mixture using a corrosive resistant diamond cell shows infrared peaks close to that expected for carbon dioxide. The species responsible for the peaks is the nitronium ion, NO+2, which like CO2, is a linear molecule. The nitronium ion is the species responsible for nitration: being positive, it is attacked by electron-rich benzene rings. This is described more fully in organic chemistry books.
Packing: In 35/ 40 Kgs HDPE Carboys.& 250 Kgs HDPE drums/ Stainless Steel tankers.

Exporting Countries- Saudi Arabia,Egypt,Iran,Isreal,Dubai,Doha Qatar etc regularly on FCL basis.


Nitric Acid (HN03)

% by wt. min.


Sulphate (as SO4)

% by wt. max.


Nitrous Acid (HN02)

% by wt. max.


Chlorides (HCl)

% by wt. max.


Iron (as Fe)

% by wt. max.



< 0.1

Heavy Metals (as lead)


Passes Test

Residue in ignition %



  • Organic synthesis (Dyes/Drugs/Explosives, Cellulose nitrate, nitrate salts).

  • Photo engraving.

  • Refining of Silver.

  • Medicine.

  • Preparation of nitro compounds.

  • Oxidizer in liquid rocket propellants.

Industries Served

Explosives, Dyes, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Jewellery.

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